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DASBY DESIGN was founded in 2012.  We specialize in 1990 to 1993 Acura Integra’s.  DASBY DESIGN actually came about one day when we were trying to come up with a business name.  It was going to be originally called DA’S BY DESIGN.  As an avid Integra enthusiast, we all know that the 1990 to 1993 Acura Integra is considered by most to be classified as the “DA”, which is what signifies the vehicle’s make on the vin placard.  From there, it morphed a few times and we finally decided to go with DASBY DESIGN.  The DA never got the attention that it deserved in the aftermarket and or performance world, until now.


We have been working on DA’s since the mid 90’s.  We bring vast knowledge and experience and a lot of trial and error, which will be incorporated in the business, so new and old enthusiasts will buy a product that is designed to fit, look great, and work.  We currently have a 1993 Integra RS with a K20Z3 (2006 Civic SI) engine.  We are using a 1999 Honda Prelude dash cluster and DASBY DESIGN'S current 100% bolt on exhaust system.  We know that K-swaps are expensive and there is little, to no specific aftermarket parts that aide in this swap.  We are here to help make quality, dyno tested parts at prices that will not break the bank. 

We currently offer a 3” mandrel bent exhaust system with a catalytic converter or cat delete pipe that is 100% bolt on.  We offer a tig and mig welded options to help with pricing, but both will include vibrant v-bands.  The exhaust systems are made in USA.  More products are in the process of being released, but we want to make sure quality, design and function are flawless before they are released out to market.  The reason why we decided to make a bolt on exhaust system is because we wanted a product that looked great, that was designed specifically for the car, and the ability to install it at home For most, this eliminates the need to have your car towed to the muffler shop.  There is a limited lifetime warranty on the exhaust system against manufacturer’s defects.  Passion, Pride and Integrity are philosophies that we work and live by.